Self-adhesive tapes for installing polymer trace heating cables


When the operating temperatures permit, trace polymer heating cables are attached to pipes or vessels with tape. Depending on the surface to be traced, Pentair Thermal Management offers self-adhesive tapes in different variations.

Glass fiber self-adhesive tapes are used on metallic pipes. Depending on the pipe material, we offer the tape with different adhesives to prevent local corrosion or to deal with lower installation temperatures.

Self-adhesive aluminum tape is used to attach polymer heat tracing cables to metallic or plastic pipes and vessels. When using this tape in combination with self-regulating trace heating cables, it increases the heat transfer and affects the power output of the heating cable. To compensate for the insulation characteristics of plastic pipes or vessels, aluminum self-adhesive tape should be used all along the heating cable’s length on plastic surfaces.

  • ATE-180: self-adhesive aluminum tape, suited for all surfaces
  • GT-66: self-adhesive glass fiber tape for metallic pipes except stainless steel
  • GS-54: self-adhesive glass fiber tape for stainless steel pipes


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