Engineering design services for power industries

Pentair Thermal Management provides a complete range of heat management solutions to mining industry. Our experienced design and engineering team specializes in the creation of innovative and optimized solutions that offer freeze protection, temperature maintenance and safety through fire-rated & specialty wiring in challenging mining environments.

Pentair Thermal Management is a full-service integrator. We optimize heat-tracing insulation and power distribution system requirements with unbiased selection of technologies for the mining industries. With an advanced line of systems, we also meet their needs for sophisticated control and monitoring applications.

Applications include:

Process Temperature Maintenance
Pipe Freeze Protection
Tank Heating
Tank Insulation
Longline Heating / Long Pipeline Heating
Frost Heave Prevention
Surface Snow Melting
Roof and Gutter De-Icing
Fire-Rated & Specialty Wiring
Chemical Leak Detection
Fluid Leak Detection 
Water Leak Detection

Key Brands include:


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